Application Maintenance and support

Users existing legacy systems hub is a wealth of business knowledge & core data of the organization. Many of the best practices and processes of the organization are embedded in these systems. P3 Technologies application maintenance & support services enable clients to maximize the value derived from their existing applications.

Outsourcing application maintenance & support to a competent partner like P3 Technologies, enables clients to re-allocate valuable in-house resources to more strategic IT initiatives. P3 Technologies Global Delivery Model (onsite – near shore – offshore) also helps clients leverage time zone differences to benefit from 24-hour workdays. This ensures that our client’s mission critical applications get the 24×7 attention that they require to function effectively. This reduces the total cost of application ownership for our clients.

Our comprehensive application maintenance & support services span the following:

• Adaptive Maintenance: Changes to support changing business or technical environments, and new requirements
• Corrective Maintenance: Bug fixes and Beeper support
• Enhancement: Adding functionality such as a new module or new reports
• Perfective Maintenance: Restructuring, revitalizing, and rewriting code for future ease of maintenance and increasing maintainability through rationalization of data and performance tuning
• Production Support: Providing end to end support to the applications in production environment


P3 Technologies is dedicated to helping our clients solve and meet their challenges and offers proven solutions and expertise in the following subject areas: Data Integration & Warehouse design Frameworks Enterprise Systems Analysis, Design, Integration & Support Business Process Engineering & Performance Management Onsite & Offshore model Maintenance and Support

Industries: P3 Technologies offers various solutions for the following Industries: Banking & Finance, Education & Media, Insurance, Pharmaceutical & Research, Public Sector, Retail & Distribution, Telecommunication, Transportation.

P3 Technologies believes in Total Quality Management providing our clients with a consistent quality of service that refines the variability in the quality of the deliverables in order to maximize your Return on Investment.


P3 Technologies has a large base of consultants across a variety of disciplines throughout the country that have worked under our principals for many years. This tremendous pool of talent allows us to source proven individuals, who have a history with us, rather than to resort to the job boards, third parties etc. Our database is continually increased as our recruiters are given profiles of the latest skill set and vertical industry needs from our Sales Organization, in addition to referrals of exceptional candidates from our existing consultant base.


Our mission

Our mission is to help companies transform data, bytes and information into knowledge, understanding and wisdom by exploring all of the possibilities that are embedded in the Imagination of Technology. Join us and we will turn once untapped potential into real, actual, material, results on time, every time.